JAH logo trans 100Due to the demise of our beloved James A. Hennenhoefer in August 2017, our office is closing permanently, effective October 6, 2017.

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The law firm of James A. Hennenhoefer is one of the leading family law and matrimonial attorneys in the Carlsbad area. Our clients benefit from many combined years of successful experience in the full range of Carlsbad divorce mediation and family law matters, including prenuptial agreements, separation, divorce, parental access and post-judgment enforcement.

In the Carlsbad area, our certified family law firm is known for its strength in even the most difficult and complex cases.

The firm has prevailed in a number of Carlsbad family and matrimonial law matters. Most cases do not end up going to trial because we advise clients that trials are not only costly, but that they greatly increase the stress between spouses and their children.

The law firm of James A. Hennenhoefer is dedicated to providing Carlsbad families with the highest quality of legal representation.

James A. Hennenhoefer, APC
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