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Vista, CA Child Custody Attorney - San Diego Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody Services

Child custody matters can be very emotional and complex. To the children, divorce or legal separation means heart-wrenching choices. Where will the children live? What will be the child-sharing arrangement? There may be issues of domestic violence or abuse. 

Parents who are divorcing are forced to deal with physical child custody and legal child custody. Child custody terminology can be confusing. It's important to understand how the different child-custody options and child-sharing issues can be handled to best meet the needs of your child.  Your North County San Diego or Vista, CA child custody attorney can help.

Sensitive Child Custody Lawyer

James A. Hennenhoefer Divorce & Family Law gives you solid child custody information and clear guidance so you can make child custody choices that best fit the needs of your children.

We understand that you simply want to do what is best for your children. Because we genuinely care about you and your family, we can be a valuable resource to help you through the complexities of child custody.


Our law firm is led by the highly regarded attorney James A. Hennenhoefer. We take a team approach to every case.  This means that you will benefit from the unique knowledge and experience of various members of our firm. Our team takes pride in the level of representation we provide to our clients and our ability to expertly handle the most complex custody issues.